Venice,Italy 威尼斯

Venice is located in Venetian Lagoon, so Venice is connected to the mainland by a bridge which is called Ponte della Libertà. Tourists can pass through this bridge by cars, buses or taking high speed trains from other major cities. The high speed train is called Frecciarossa (red arrow) which is operated by Trenitalia, and the carriage is clean and confortable.DSC_1595


Venice is composed by many small islets which packed together around canals. Once step out of the train station, Venezia S. Lucia, you will be surprised to see the city is occupied by lots of canals, which seems the buildings here were constructed just above the water.


Train station, Venezia S. Lucia

The canals make Venice like a maze. It is easy to get lost in this city, but it will be an unforgettable experience.

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♠ Local popular activity – Gondola


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♠ Bridge of Sighs


Piazza San Marco is also one of the main tourist attractions in Venice because the significant historic events have made it to be the heart of Venice for centuries. There are three coffee shops at the square, and they have opened for centuries since 1700s and 1800s, so they have become the famous meeting places  for people.  ( More information about Piazza San Marco : )

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♠ Piazza San Marco


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 Piazzetta and the famous granite pillars


In addition, the beautiful church of San Giorgio Maggiore can just be viewed across the water from Piazzetta. Tourists can take a picture which is like a painting from this side.

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Location : Venice, Italy

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