Buyan Pavilion 不厭亭

If you get the chance to go to the mountain town, Chiufen, why not goes to Buyan Pavilion as well. Buyan Pavilion located at the highest point of County Highway No. 102 is around 7 kilometers away from Chiufen.

Driving or taking a bus along County Highway No. 102 can appreciate both the magnificent chain of mountains and the scenic Shuinandong coast at the same time.



The scenery of County Highway No. 102

Buyan Pavilion is the best spot to see the beautiful scenery of Shuangxi district, Ruifang district and the sea because it was built at the border between Shuangxi district and Ruifang district. The name of Buyan Pavilion refers to a poem which was made by a famous Chinese poet, Li Bai(李白). No matter how long people stay to see the scenery, they never feel bored, which is the meaning of this pavilion.


♠ Viewing the mountain top from the Buyan Pavilion

Location : New Taipei City, Taiwan

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