Buyan Pavilion 不厭亭

If you get the chance to go to the mountain town, Chiufen, why not goes to Buyan Pavilion as well. Buyan Pavilion located at the highest point of County Highway No. 102 is around 7 kilometers away from Chiufen.

Driving or taking a bus along County Highway No. 102 can appreciate both the magnificent chain of mountains and the scenic Shuinandong coast at the same time.



The scenery of County Highway No. 102

Buyan Pavilion is the best spot to see the beautiful scenery of Shuangxi district, Ruifang district and the sea because it was built at the border between Shuangxi district and Ruifang district. The name of Buyan Pavilion refers to a poem which was made by a famous Chinese poet, Li Bai(李白). No matter how long people stay to see the scenery, they never feel bored, which is the meaning of this pavilion.


♠ Viewing the mountain top from the Buyan Pavilion

Location : New Taipei City, Taiwan

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Itinerary for 4 days trip in Rome – Day 1

Flying to Rome, tourists can choose to arrive in Fiumicino or Ciampino Airport. The Leonardo Express is the train system that takes about 30 minutes to shuttle the passengers from the airport Fiumicino to central Rome’s Termini station, which is much more convenient.

Rome is the city which is full of historic monuments, so we arranged three days to visit those historical remains. Tourists can decide whether to buy Roma Pass because visiting more places can be more cost conscious. In addition, it is free to enter the first 1 or 2 visited museums or archaeological sites and get direct access to the monuments of your choice. Furthermore, it is free to use any city’s public transportation.

♠ Information about Roma Pass


The following itinerary is our schedule which was revised during the trip in Rome.

⇒ Day 1 in Rome

In order not to ruin the historical sites by the construction of the Metro system, the Rome Metro system only has three lines. Therefore, we majorly visited the historical remains which are within walking distance on the first afternoon in Rome.

♦ Piazza della Repubblica→Le Quattro Fontane→Fontana di Trevi→Patheon


Starts at Piazza della Repubblica which is close to Rome’s Termini station, here tourists can see a huge fountain which was completed in 1888 on a roundabout. Then, taking around 550 meters’ walk will arrive at Le Quattro Fontane.

Le Quattro Fontane

   Le Quattro Fontane

It is easy to ignore Le Quattro Fontane because these four fountains are on the four corners of the crossroads. After visiting Le Quattro Fontane, keep walking to Fontana di Trevi which is 7oo meters away from here. Fontana di Trevi is the most famous Baroque fountain in Rome. The statue in the middle of the fountain is the God of the Sea who is flanked by two messengers of the sea. One is trying to control a disobedient horse and another lead a compliant horse, which represent two contrasting moods of the ocean. ( Source : )

Fontana di Trevi_2

Fontana di Trevi

♠ Fontana di Trevi

Must eat : Gelateria Valentino (Ice Cream)

The ice cream of Gelateria Valentino has rich and flavorful taste. Actually, there are many recommendable gelato shops in Rome, so why not stop by one of those stores and try.


Gelateria Valentino

♠ Rome’s Pantheon

The final spot on the first day is Rome’s Pantheon which is located 700 meters away from Fontana di Trevi. Though the Pantheon is categorized as a temple, the original function of Pantheon is unconfirmed. It has been used as a church since the 7th century. In brief, Pantheon is one of the fascinating well-preserved Rome architecture, and do not neglect to take a look at the interior design of Rome’s Pantheon.



Must try : Tazza d’Oro Coffee Shop

The taste of the coffee at Tazza d’Oro made a deep impression on me, it suits many people’s taste as well. Especially, it warms tourists’ heart.


Location : Rome, Italy

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The Moon Bridge of Dahu Park in Taipei 大湖公園錦帶橋


The moon bridge is located in Dahu Park, Taipei. The surface area of the lake in Dahu park is 91,692 square meters, and the park is surrounded by mountains. Therefore, Dahu park is not only an unusual spot for the citizens of the capital city, but also a comfortable and peaceful place for people to spend their whole weekend afternoon to picknic here. ( Source : Neihu District Office)



The structure of the moon bridge is an arch, so the reflection of bridge reveals the image of the moon.



Location : Taipei, Taiwan

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Venice,Italy 威尼斯

Venice is located in Venetian Lagoon, so Venice is connected to the mainland by a bridge which is called Ponte della Libertà. Tourists can pass through this bridge by cars, buses or taking high speed trains from other major cities. The high speed train is called Frecciarossa (red arrow) which is operated by Trenitalia, and the carriage is clean and confortable.DSC_1595


Venice is composed by many small islets which packed together around canals. Once step out of the train station, Venezia S. Lucia, you will be surprised to see the city is occupied by lots of canals, which seems the buildings here were constructed just above the water.


Train station, Venezia S. Lucia

The canals make Venice like a maze. It is easy to get lost in this city, but it will be an unforgettable experience.

DSC_1827 copy

♠ Local popular activity – Gondola


001(6) copy

♠ Bridge of Sighs


Piazza San Marco is also one of the main tourist attractions in Venice because the significant historic events have made it to be the heart of Venice for centuries. There are three coffee shops at the square, and they have opened for centuries since 1700s and 1800s, so they have become the famous meeting places  for people.  ( More information about Piazza San Marco : )

001(1) copy


♠ Piazza San Marco


DSC_1415 copy




001 copy

 Piazzetta and the famous granite pillars


In addition, the beautiful church of San Giorgio Maggiore can just be viewed across the water from Piazzetta. Tourists can take a picture which is like a painting from this side.

001(2) copy

001(3) copy

DSC_1553 copy


Location : Venice, Italy

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Burano – Italy

People may have seen and been impressed by the colorful houses of Burano from magazines or TV channels. Burano is a lovely island which is very famous for the colored buildings, and it is known for the lace as well.

S__2465857 copy

Although it is said the colored painted houses could help the fishermen to recognize their houses from long distance when they came back from fishing in ancient times or enabled local people to delimit properties easily at previous times, they become special attraction now.

S__2465854 copy

S__2465856 copy



Burano is around 11 Km away from Venice, so taking the Venice ferry is a good choice if departing Venice for Burano.



♠ Venice ferry routes map  ( Source : )


   ♠ Take Route 12 ( Source : )



 ♠ The port of Burano


Location : Burano Island, Italy

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Orange Day-lily in Taimali Township 太麻里金針山

Taitung is a wonderful place to enjoy not only the view of magnificent mountain range but also the beautiful scenery of Pacific Ocean, especially on the way to Day Lily mountain.

IMG_4535 copy

Day Lily mountain has the largest plantation field of Orange Day-lily, and every August and September attract many tourists. Orange Day-lily can only grow at high latitude which is above 1000 meters high.

S__1425415 copy


Why the Orange Day-lily is so special? It only flowers less than 24 hours, so it opens in the morning and wither at night. In addition, it is very famous for its texture and smell. Therefore, do not forget to try the fried Orange Day-lily here or buy some dried Orange Day-lily to make a soup or salad.

S__1425414 copy



Location : Day Lily mountain of Taimali Township in Taitung County, Taiwan

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Old City of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a Croatian city which is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and it is also a walled city since the Medieval times. Though the wall used to protect this city, it is still well-preserved. Therefore, tourists can walk the wall for the spectacular views.

IMG_1048 copy


The orange roof buildings make this city so special, and do not forget to visit Dubrovnik old town port as well. Visitors can view the port from the coastal wall because the scenery is much more stunning.

Old Town Dubrovnik

♠ The earth map of Dubrovnik old town


S__770067 copy

S__770066 copy

IMG_1043 copy



Location : Dubrovnik, Croatia

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