Orange Day-lily in Taimali Township 太麻里金針山

Taitung is a wonderful place to enjoy not only the view of magnificent mountain range but also the beautiful scenery of Pacific Ocean, especially on the way to Day Lily mountain.

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Day Lily mountain has the largest plantation field of Orange Day-lily, and every August and September attract many tourists. Orange Day-lily can only grow at high latitude which is above 1000 meters high.

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Why the Orange Day-lily is so special? It only flowers less than 24 hours, so it opens in the morning and wither at night. In addition, it is very famous for its texture and smell. Therefore, do not forget to try the fried Orange Day-lily here or buy some dried Orange Day-lily to make a soup or salad.

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Location : Day Lily mountain of Taimali Township in Taitung County, Taiwan

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Old City of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a Croatian city which is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and it is also a walled city since the Medieval times. Though the wall used to protect this city, it is still well-preserved. Therefore, tourists can walk the wall for the spectacular views.

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The orange roof buildings make this city so special, and do not forget to visit Dubrovnik old town port as well. Visitors can view the port from the coastal wall because the scenery is much more stunning.

Old Town Dubrovnik

♠ The earth map of Dubrovnik old town


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Location : Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Lake Bled 不累的布萊德湖

Lake Bled is a glacial lake which is situated in the Julian Alps, and its picturesque scenery allures tourists around the world.

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Bled Island is located in the center of glacial Lake Bled, and it is the only island in Slovenia. The most representative mark of the island is the Church of the Assumption.

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People can cross the lake with boats, and then climb up the 99 stone steps to visit the church.

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Location : 4260 Bled, Slovenia

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