MIHO Museum by Ieoh Ming Pe(貝聿銘)

If people know about Ieoh Ming Pei,a Chinese American architect, they must know one of his spectacular design, MIHO Museum. MIHO is a private museum which in located deep in the mountains of Japan. Cherry flower is blossoming around early April here, so people can walk through the cherry flower pathway to start their journey.



At the end of the cherry flower pathway, people can see the opening of the silver tunnel. The tunnel can reflex the color of the cherry flower, and the design is originated from a tale of the Fountain of the Peach Blossom Spring. Therefore, passing this tunnel is seems to pass a time tunnel. After stepping out the tunnel, people will suddenly realize that they are in a fairyland which is never explored by people before.

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The another side of the tunnel is the entrance of the museum. 80% the museum building is hide underground in order to preserve the natural environment and harmonize with the surrounding scenery. 

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Though the major part of the structure is underneath the earth, but the interior is very clear with natural sunlight due to the special roof design.

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Location : 300, Tashiro Momodani, Shigaraki, Shiga 529-1814 Japan


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Opening Hours10:00am to 5:00pm (Admission until 4:00pm)
Blossom Schedule of cherry flowerAnnouncement of the Blossoming of Weeping Cherries
Local TrafficTrain+Bus
Drive by car
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Santorini-Sapphire of Aegean Sea 聖多里尼

Santorini is a wonder island. Many people dream to take a vacation there in their lives to enjoy the open blue sky and  the navy ocean.


People can choose to take a plane or ferry to Santorini island. It takes around 5 hours to take SEAJETS from Athens to Santorini, and your car will be ready for you at the port if it is rented beforehand.

There are many nice beaches can be reached easily by driving, so choose your favorite one and have a sunbath.






♠ The famous White Beach and Red Beach


Oia is the romantic town that  people must not miss in the north of Santorini. The spectacular view is ready for people to take tons of photos.





♠ The sunset in Oia is very famous


Recommedable Spot : Ammoudi Port in Oia

People can just sit right next to the water and enjoy the fresh seafood and the great service.






Location : Santorini, Greece


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Shiding Thousand-Island Lake 石碇 – 千島湖

If people travel to Asia, they must not miss a place which they not only can have a cup of Oriental Beauty Tea but also enjoy the nice scenery of Thousand-Island  Lake in Taiwan.

Thousand Island lake


It is a catchment area of Feitsui Reservoir, and it is surrounded by many hills, which make this place looks like many islands float in the water. Therefore, it is called Thousand-Island  Lake.



Location : No.16, Shizaitoukeng Ln., Sec. 6, Beiyi Rd., Shiding Dist., New Taipei City 223, Taiwan

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Local TrafficMRT+Bus
Drive by car
Take the MRT to Xindian Station→Bus Green12 to Pinglin township→Take off the bus at Shisangu→Walk around 2.6km
Local ActivitiesTea
Shiding Old Street
Old Street Tour

Love locks and Bamboo tubes

Attaching a love lock to a bridge is a popular tradition for couples. They make a wish that their love will be unbreakable forever. However, the city officials in some European countries decided to remove those heavy locks since partial bridges’ railings collapsed under the weight. Therefore, this tradition may disappear someday.

In Taiwan, there is a similar tradition. People write their wishes on the bamboo tubes, and the bamboo tubes will be tied on to the fence of the railway, which symbolizes the dream will be carried to the destination.

Location : Pingxi historic street, New Taipei City, Taiwan

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