Itinerary for 4 days trip in Rome – Day 1

Flying to Rome, tourists can choose to arrive in Fiumicino or Ciampino Airport. The Leonardo Express is the train system that takes about 30 minutes to shuttle the passengers from the airport Fiumicino to central Rome’s Termini station, which is much more convenient.

Rome is the city which is full of historic monuments, so we arranged three days to visit those historical remains. Tourists can decide whether to buy Roma Pass because visiting more places can be more cost conscious. In addition, it is free to enter the first 1 or 2 visited museums or archaeological sites and get direct access to the monuments of your choice. Furthermore, it is free to use any city’s public transportation.

♠ Information about Roma Pass


The following itinerary is our schedule which was revised during the trip in Rome.

⇒ Day 1 in Rome

In order not to ruin the historical sites by the construction of the Metro system, the Rome Metro system only has three lines. Therefore, we majorly visited the historical remains which are within walking distance on the first afternoon in Rome.

♦ Piazza della Repubblica→Le Quattro Fontane→Fontana di Trevi→Patheon


Starts at Piazza della Repubblica which is close to Rome’s Termini station, here tourists can see a huge fountain which was completed in 1888 on a roundabout. Then, taking around 550 meters’ walk will arrive at Le Quattro Fontane.

Le Quattro Fontane

   Le Quattro Fontane

It is easy to ignore Le Quattro Fontane because these four fountains are on the four corners of the crossroads. After visiting Le Quattro Fontane, keep walking to Fontana di Trevi which is 7oo meters away from here. Fontana di Trevi is the most famous Baroque fountain in Rome. The statue in the middle of the fountain is the God of the Sea who is flanked by two messengers of the sea. One is trying to control a disobedient horse and another lead a compliant horse, which represent two contrasting moods of the ocean. ( Source : )

Fontana di Trevi_2

Fontana di Trevi

♠ Fontana di Trevi

Must eat : Gelateria Valentino (Ice Cream)

The ice cream of Gelateria Valentino has rich and flavorful taste. Actually, there are many recommendable gelato shops in Rome, so why not stop by one of those stores and try.


Gelateria Valentino

♠ Rome’s Pantheon

The final spot on the first day is Rome’s Pantheon which is located 700 meters away from Fontana di Trevi. Though the Pantheon is categorized as a temple, the original function of Pantheon is unconfirmed. It has been used as a church since the 7th century. In brief, Pantheon is one of the fascinating well-preserved Rome architecture, and do not neglect to take a look at the interior design of Rome’s Pantheon.



Must try : Tazza d’Oro Coffee Shop

The taste of the coffee at Tazza d’Oro made a deep impression on me, it suits many people’s taste as well. Especially, it warms tourists’ heart.


Location : Rome, Italy

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