Burano – Italy

People may have seen and been impressed by the colorful houses of Burano from magazines or TV channels. Burano is a lovely island which is very famous for the colored buildings, and it is known for the lace as well.

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Although it is said the colored painted houses could help the fishermen to recognize their houses from long distance when they came back from fishing in ancient times or enabled local people to delimit properties easily at previous times, they become special attraction now.

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Burano is around 11 Km away from Venice, so taking the Venice ferry is a good choice if departing Venice for Burano.



♠ Venice ferry routes map  ( Source : http://www.isoladiburano.it/en/how-to-get-to-burano.html )


   ♠ Take Route 12 ( Source : http://www.isoladiburano.it/en/how-to-get-to-burano.html )



 ♠ The port of Burano


Location : Burano Island, Italy

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